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Our agency specializes in the planning and executing of television and radio advertising campaigns. We’ve been in practice for more than 20 years and have many success stories to tell but we’ve also worked on campaigns that failed. The knowledge, know-how and perspective we have accumulated through our successes and our failures are the reasons you should talk with us if you’re considering a new advertising campaign or just a refresh on a current campaign. At the very least we can help you avoid costly mistakes that businesses often make when they go it alone in the practice of advertising.


I built the Frink Inc. business by listening to clients and partners, gaining insights that enabled me to deliver value, and helped grow businesses ranging from restaurants, real estate companies and retailers to healthcare providers and law firms. Making clients’ needs my own, providing honest opinions and addressing issues immediately are key to the Frink Inc. business model. It was a successful strategy employed when I was a Time-Warner (now Spectrum) advertising representative and has propelled Frink Inc. since 2002. Read More


Considering radio and television to promote your business? Call me first. You’ll be talking with an advertising executive with 25+ years of experience in television and radio advertising. Don’t wait on return calls from TV and radio station reps who may be short on experience, but high on motivation to sell you something, whether appropriate for your business or not.

Again, call me first. I’ll advise on whether television and/or radio make sense for your business. Unlike station representatives, I don't carry any biases. If TV and radio can help your business, I'll advise you objectively on the basis of more than 25 years helping clients in the Central Texas market succeed. If I'm not available, I’ll return your call promptly, usually in less than two hours. Read More

Cutting Through Those Bundled-Advertising Sales Pitches

As a business owner or manager, you probably receive regular calls from television, radio, newspaper, magazine, digital and social media company sales representatives pitching new advertising services that will help grow their business. You’ve probably received multiple calls per week – or even in a day – from reps asking for meetings at which they can sell you on a fresh marketing approach or service. Read More

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