Advertising Creative Worksheet

20 Questions for Planning an Advertising Campaign


If you're considering investing your business's hard earned resources into an advertising or marketing campaign here are 20 questions that you should answer before you start planning and spending.

1. What do you want to see your business achieve as a result of this campaign?

2. How will you measure results?

3. In simplest terms how do you define your business?

4. How do you define your product/services?

5. Describe your target market in terms of demographics, psycho-graphics, lifestyle etc.

6. Can this market be segmented? If so how?

7. Describe your ideal prospect.

8. What does a prospect expect from a business like yours?

9. What would cause a business like yours to lose a customer?

10. What causes a prospect to start searching for your business's products and service?

11. How does a prospect go about looking for a business like yours?

12. What is the main reason one of your prospects becomes a customer?

13. Who are your main competitors?

14. How does the prospect view these competitors?

15. How does the prospect view your company?

16. What do your competitors say about themselves?

17. What can you offer that the competition doesn't?

18. What good things do customers say about your business?

19. What negative things do customers say about your business?

20. What advertising and marketing tactics have you tried in the past that worked? What didn't work?