Frink Advertising makes TV advertising and radio advertising campaigns for Texas business owners who don’t want to be lab rats for inexperienced ad reps, but who DO want to reach more customers with time-tested strategies. Since 2002 we've helped Texas businesses big and small waste less and profit more in advertising. There’s a good chance we can help your business, too.


We haven’t met, but I’ll wager a few points:

  • You own a business in Texas.
  • You want to attract more customers through advertising.
  • You don’t want to work with a bloated and overpriced ad agency, where you’re just an “account” assigned to the newest 23-year-old in the far cubicle.
  • You have enough budget for advertising that works, but you don’t have much to waste on trial-and-error.


My name’s Bill Frink. My advertising agency (consisting of me and a few helpers) specializes in giving Texas businesses better advertising ROI. I’ve been in advertising since 1990. I’m not the fresh-faced whiz kid who will give you great ideas for 6 months before changing agencies.

Frink Advertising has a longer track record of successful TV and radio ad campaigns than just about any other advertising agency in Austin. (Yes, we've had our share of flops, too.) If you’re looking for a TV or radio advertising specialist who knows exactly what goes into a campaign that works for Texas-based businesses, Frink Advertising can help.


We’ve helped businesses throughout Texas, including in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.

Of course, we’ve helped many businesses here in the Austin area, including in communities like Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, and Lakeway.

Our TV and radio advertising clients have included:

Effective advertising depends on some principles that don’t change. That’s why we’ve been able to help all kinds of businesses across Texas, and it’s why we can help you, whatever space you’re in. Doesn’t matter whether if you’re a tax attorney or a taxidermist.

Whether you want to launch an ad campaign for the first time or start getting traction in a current ad campaign, Frink Advertising has the experience to help you get it done.


I built the Frink Advertising name by listening to clients, making their priorities my priorities, providing honest feedback, and becoming a trusted advisor.

Teamwork is crucial. Your business can’t grow much without you. If all you want to do is write a check, I can probably help your advertising somewhat, but not nearly as much as if we work closely together.

That approach may sound basic and obvious, but it’s not practiced at the typical bloated ad agency. There you’re little more than an account number, and you’re handed off to the lowest-paid intern who can keep your campaign from circling the drain for the greatest number of months.

My hands-on approach served my clients and me well when I was at Time-Warner (now Spectrum), and it’s made rain for Frink Advertising’s since 2002.


As a business owner, you’re bombarded with pitches from companies good and bad. They want to sell you ads or manage your ads. One of three things I can promise you is that I’ll never send you a pitch.

Two other things I can promise you are:

  • I’ll let you know whether TV and/or radio ads even make sense for your business in the first place. They may not be what you need. After I learn more about your business and goals, I’ll give you my unvarnished opinion, based on 25+ years of experience in advertising.
  • I’ll call you back promptly, usually in less than two hours.

(Our "How We're Different" page explains even more ways we're different.)

Contact me, Bill Frink, to see what kind of advertising strategy will serve you best.

Want Ads that Work? Contact Bill

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