Affordable Radio Production Austin

Picture a giant cherry being dropped from a helicopter into a lake of whipped cream. Or an elephant riding a unicycle over a high wire across the Grand Canyon during a snowstorm.

Radio is the theater of the mind, which makes it pretty cool if you want to draw someone into your marketing message, without blowing king-size money on actors, on-location shooting, and special effects.

It’s also a linear medium, which means people hear what you have to say, start-to-finish, with no going back to review the details after your airtime is up (unlike this written word). So, you have to grab their attention immediately, and then hold them, until the last thing they hear is the one thing they remember.

In the hands of a gifted script writer, your :30- or :60-second radio spot can catapult you over a stadium-full of competitors with a memorable yet succinct message and call-to-action.

At Frink Inc. Advertising we write and produce radio spots that catch listeners attention and hold them long enough to tickle an inquiry.

Don’t leave the writing and producing of your radio spot to the sales people and audio technicians at a radio station just because they tell you it’s free.

You’ll be amazed at the difference a professional script writer can make in your advertising. And, to keep it simple, we’ll write and produce your radio spot for a flat fee of $650.

What you’ll get for $650.

  1. A professionally written :30 or :60 script by a copy writer with more than 25 years  of advertising copywriting experience.
  2. A one voiceover from your choice of more than 30 of the best voiceover artists from across the U.S.
  3. State of the art audio production including sound effects and background music.
  4. Guaranteed Delivery of your radio spot within four business days.

If you’re you on the spot and in a hurry we can write and produce a spot within two business days for $800.

OK, Write And Produce My Radio Spot