Beware of the One-Day Radio Sale

If you’ve even occasionally purchased radio advertising you’ll probably soon be receiving emails and a few phone calls notifying you of a One-Day sale on radio rates. In most cases the window to make your purchase is one business day. Hence the terminology, One-Day Sale.

As an owner of an advertising agency that purchases radio advertising for several clients on a regular basis I’ve seen literally hundreds of these sale offers over the past nine years. Out of the hundreds of offers I’ve seen there have been only two sales from two different radio stations that were actually offering lower rates than what I bought from those stations on a regular basis.

There are two reasons that only two out of hundreds of offers were actually good deals:
1. The One-Day sale offers are for broad rotator spots such as Monday-Sunday 6am – 12 midnight. Usually the stations have allocated about 2/3 of the spots you’ll get to non-primetime hours. Primetime in radio is defined as Monday-Friday 6am-7pm. The stations intent, in my opinion, is to sell non-primetime spots that normally they don’t sell much of.

2. I’m a professional media buyer with 21+ years of experience in media sales and media buying. I negotiate rates aggressively all year long. The buys that I make for my clients deliver more value than most of the stations One-Day Sale offers.

Before you plunk down any money on a One-Day Radio Sale contact me. I’m conducting 365 Day Sale on radio rates 365 days a year.