Advertising 301

Knowing What You Don’t Know

The owner of a medium-large local home service provider emailed me a couple of years ago to request a meeting to discuss media buying for his company.  Because I had worked in the local advertising industry for more than two decades, I knew that his company had been a consistent television and radio advertiser for at least the...

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Media Buying – Case Study

Austin Media Buying - Spectrum Local Connect

In 2016, Spectrum Reach (formerly Time Warner Cable), introduced a package for geographic zone buying of television advertising called Local Connect. A Local Connect package guarantees a certain percentage of household reach of cable TV homes within a zone during a three to five week...
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Cutting Through Those Bundled-Advertising Sales Pitches

As a business owner or manager, you probably receive regular calls from television, radio, newspaper, magazine, digital and social media company sales representatives pitching new advertising services that will help grow their business. You’ve probably received multiple calls per week – or even in a day – from reps asking for meetings at which they...
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