Advertising 301

Cutting Through Those Bundled-Advertising Sales Pitches

As a business owner or manager, you probably receive regular calls from television, radio, newspaper, magazine, digital and social media company sales representatives pitching new advertising services that will help grow their business. You’ve probably received multiple calls per week – or even in a day – from reps asking for meetings at which they...
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Advertising Creative Worksheet

20 Questions for Planning an Advertising Campaign

creative-worksheet If you're considering investing your business's hard earned resources into an advertising or marketing campaign here are 20 questions that you should answer before you start planning and spending. 1. What do you want to see your business achieve as a result...
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Beware of the One-Day Radio Sale

If you’ve even occasionally purchased radio advertising you’ll probably soon be receiving emails and a few phone calls notifying you of a One-Day sale on radio rates. In most cases the window to make your purchase is one business day. Hence the terminology, One-Day Sale. As an owner of an advertising agency that purchases radio advertising...
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