Advertising 301

Ahead of the Curve Media Buying

Austin Media Buying In one of my previous lives I was a cable television advertising salesman in Austin from 1990-2000. When I started with Austin Cablevision, we had 11 cable networks to offer customers for local television advertising. By 1995 we had 18...
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DVRs Effect on Television Advertising–Real versus the Anecdotal

Only 44% of the population has a DVR or Tivo and 90% of television viewing remains live.
I was taking with a friend and client recently who was concerned about the growing ineffectiveness of his direct mail advertising campaign.  Direct mail had commanded the largest share of his advertising budget for years....
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Can You See Your Advertising From a Different Point of View?

Let's begin with a mental challenge. Following will be a list of digits from 1 to 9. After analyzing the placement of the digits, your task is to determine the ordering system used to arrange the numbers. If you are serious about challenging yourself, don't read beyond the numbers until you are satisfied with your...
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The Video Production Process

If you need a television commercial produced, a marketing or training video for your business or website or an event video taped, Frink Inc. Advertising will guide you through the process and make sure your video project runs smoothly. With more than 30 years of experience in video production, we've done everything from commercials to training...
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