Cable Television Advertising Austin, TX


Nielsen Market Rank: 38
Cable TV Households available for advertising insertion: 499,850
Primary Cable Provider: Spectrum

Time Warner is the primary cable provider in Austin. Time Warner’s television advertising interconnect has approximately 499,850 households which includes Austin's AT&T Uverse, Direct TV, and Dish households.  Cable advertising can be targeted geographically by placing ads in 10 individual zones offered by Time Warner from San Marcos to Georgetown. The zones range in size from 25K-111k households.
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In addition to the 47 cable networks that are available for local advertising insertion, Austin is one of Time Warner markets that has Time Warner Cable News, a 24-hour local news channel. Time Warner News Austin, previously branded News 8, has been on the air since 1999. The station has a loyal audience and has proven to be an effective channel for many local advertisers.

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