In the Zone: When Geographic Zone Buying Beats Full Market Coverage

Advertising Creative Worksheet

20 Questions for Planning an Advertising Campaign

creative-worksheet If you're considering investing your business's hard earned resources into an advertising or marketing campaign here are 20 questions that you should answer before you start planning and spending. 1. What do you want to see your business achieve as a result...
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DVRs Effect on Television Advertising–Real versus the Anecdotal

Only 44% of the population has a DVR or Tivo and 90% of television viewing remains live.
I was taking with a friend and client recently who was concerned about the growing ineffectiveness of his direct mail advertising campaign.  Direct mail had commanded the largest share of his advertising budget for years....
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Cable Television Advertising-“How not to”

Cable television advertising is an inexpensive and easy way to get your business' message on television. Spots can be purchased for as little as $10 or less. You may be able to target your specific trade area. Your local cable provider might even produce your television commercial for free! How can you go wrong? 1. Letting the...
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