Cutting Through Those Bundled-Advertising Sales Pitches

As a business owner or manager, you probably receive regular calls from television, radio, newspaper, magazine, digital and social media company sales representatives pitching new advertising services that will help grow their business. You’ve probably received multiple calls per week – or even in a day – from reps asking for meetings at which they can sell you on a fresh marketing approach or service.

Do you really have time to meet, discuss and analyze each of these products to determine which, if any, may be a fit for your business? Probably not. You need a strategy to cut through the clutter when choosing the best advertising strategy for your enterprise. Frink Inc. Advertising can help you efficiently manage your ad buys, so you can spend more time running your business.

First, it’s important to understand the many advertising vehicles available in Austin. The options include:

  • Television Austin has eight major stations (KEYE, KVUE, KTBC, KLRU, KXAN, KBVO, KNVA, KAKW, and Telemundo) with six sales organizations offering products ranging from TV broadcast to online and email. By way of background, some organizations handle sales for more than one station or operator. For example, Spectrum/Time Warner’s sales organization also handles sales for DTV and ATT. Via Media sells Grande and Google;
  • Cable Six cable providers operate in the Austin area (Charter, Grande, AT&T, Google, Direct TV, Dish Network), with two sales organizations offering products ranging from Cable TV to online;
  • Radio There are 50+ radio stations with dozens of sale reps selling products ranging from broadcast radio and online radio to digital display and email;
  • Newspapers Austin has two primary publications (Austin American Statesman, Austin Chronicle) along with dozens of regional, town-based publications like West Austin News, Oak Hill Gazette, Greensheet and Community Impact. Advertising choices range from print ads to online website ads and coupons; and,
  • Online – Hundreds of providers, ranging from YP, Yodle, MaxPoint, Main Street Hub and Reach, operate in Austin, with local services including display and search PPC (needs full name here), SEO (search-engine optimization), Social Media, website design.

If you’re confused or overwhelmed considering the myriad advertising options, you’re not alone. Each of these advertising outlets provides multiple products and services. For example, if you are a cable subscriber, you’ve probably heard of the Triple Play or Bundled Package option: buy our TV, phone and online services and you’ll get the best price or discount for all. But do you really need a telephone “land-line” today, with mobile phones being so convenient? There are similar questions for all advertising mediums. Most will try and sell you multiple products while offering a better price or discount by packaging them together. In some cases, this kind of bundling/packaging may make sense. But in others, it may make more economic sense and be more efficient to target a single or a couple advertising mediums.

While most advertising salespeople truly want to help, but because each advertising medium has its own lingo or buzz words to get you excited (or confuse you on the efficiency of the product), it’s difficult to be certain which may be right for your business.

Sales reps have multiple budgets for each product they represent and their income or commission is contingent upon hitting specific goals. Selling you on multiple products or services, regardless of your advertising goals, often is key to the sales rep’s job security. Frankly, the bundled advertising package may waste your advertising budget.

Frink Inc. Advertising maintains close relationships, and has considerable experience with, Austin’s media outlets and can cut through the clutter for you. We provide only the products and mediums that make sense for your specific business model. And we use our buying power get you the best pricing.

Call or email us today with questions about what type of advertising is best for your business. We ready with answers and a clearer path to advertising vehicles that can expand your reach.