Political TV Ad Buys

It’s hard to win an election if you lose your war-chest. I have helped many political candidates (many now in office) here in Texas get the most out of their TV advertising budgets, and I can probably help your campaign, too.

A few reasons you might trust me with your campaign’s TV-advertising buys:

Frink Political-Advertising Difference #1: I'll help you pick the best part of the rate card (not always the top).

Huge Mistake #1 is always to buy from the top of the rate card.

I have seen countless errors by so-called "political ad agencies" that don't bother to think strategically about their clients’ money. That’s why they impulsively buy from the top of the rate card, which is shortsighted and wasteful.

I saw that when I handled political ads at Time Warner, and I see it now that I have my own agency. Campaign reps often ask for my input on political ad buys put together by their ad reps. Rarely are those ad buys planned as well as the rest of the campaign.

Many ad reps maximize their revenue by selling you the most expensive ad campaign you'll buy. That doesn’t always result in the maximum awareness, enthusiasm, or turnout for your campaign.  Almost never does it deliver the best value for your budget.

A smart political TV-ad buyer evaluates the campaign itself (rather than just the channel), looking for the best windows of time and the best audiences to present those ads to. This might mean the best use of your spend comes from the middle of the rate card, or even from the bottom. Identifying those opportunities allows you more money to buy more ads from multiple stations, or more money to funnel to other forms of advertising.

Frink Political-Advertising Difference #2: I can determine the bad airtime. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

Huge Mistake #2 is to assume all airtime is good airtime.

There may be entire days or weeks where it's smart to avoid advertising altogether. My goal is to help you find the most effective windows of time to get your message out. When, exactly, those windows will open depends on the office you're campaigning for, the political party, the big issues during the election year, and more.

The goal is also to find the right stations to get your message out on. Not always are those the most-expensive or most-glamorous stations.  Approaching certain demographics will be a waste of your time and money.

My job is to help you identify the waste before your campaign treasurer can find out first-hand. 

Frink Political-Advertising Difference #3: I'll help you navigate the complex rules of political advertising.

It's easy to run afoul of regulations if this is your first rodeo, or if you just aren’t sure of what you're doing.

In the “go go go” environment of campaigning for public office you usually won’t have as much time as you’d like to talk with consultants or powers-that-be.  Some of your biggest decisions will be your quickest decisions.

With my help all that will be a non-issue (at least as far as your TV advertising goes).  I've got the experience and expertise to keep your TV ads up while you focus on the issues and conversations that matter. 

Put my 25 years of experience on your campaign's side. 

I've worked with candidates, helped to forward ballot initiatives, and have helped various groups educate the public about causes and interests. Give me, Bill Frink, a call to find out how our TV ads can give you your best shot at winning.