Professional or DIY

Professional Versus Do it Yourself Video Production

Thinking about making a video to put on your website and YouTube to promote your business? Maybe you want to run on a commercial on television. Perhaps you wonder, “Can I make this myself using the camera I have? It makes great pictures. Why hire a professional crew to do it?”

Today’s video technology is, without a doubt, amazing. Just a few years ago, anyone wanting to produce a truly professional video for television or the web would have no choice except to hire a professional camera crew and editing studio and it was expensive.

Today, anyone can buy an inexpensive high-definition camera to capture video. They can edit that video using inexpensive or even free, post-production editing programs. And many of our smart phones offer up usable high-definition video capabilities.

So, why not do it yourself? Many who decide to do so end up with a product that does not truly perform or gain the results they hoped for. A quick tour through on line video services like YouTube illustrates the problem, perhaps best explained in the saying, being able to paint or draw does not make someone an artist. Merely using the most technically advanced cameras and editing software does not make someone a professional producer.

“Well, do I need a professional producer? Maybe what I can do is good enough and will save money.”

The problem here is not artistry in and of itself, but what that gives you in the final product: effective communication. A professional look equals a professional impression with customers. Conversely, amateur looks equate to an amateur impression of you. Your homemade video might look OK to you, and with today’s cameras it may look technically fine, but it may also not be effective in communicating to your customers or audience.

An effective video requires serious time and effort in script writing and planning before any footage is shot for it to be a compelling.

When your video presentation is viewed by your prospects, customers, employees, and peers they will instinctively compare it to highly polished work they see on broadcast network television and the web. If your video is not professionally written, shot and edited it reflects that on you and your business.