Texas Radio Advertising

Some things don't change much because they work. Internal combustion engines, penicillin, glasses, electric guitars, concrete. Like those, radio has stood the test of time.

Frink Advertising specializes in high-ROI advertising for Texas businesses, and that includes radio advertising. We can make radio advertising work for you.

You May Have Forgotten about Radio.
Your Customers Haven't.

Most of your competitors probably think, "Nobody listens to radio." Their assumption is your opportunity. Radio is as popular as ever, even in the smartphone/social network/"Internet of things" age. Many radio stations have streaming and mobile apps. The technology evolves, but it's still radio to us. According to a 2020 Nielsen survey, 92% of people 12 and older listen to radio every week whether at work, in the car, jogging, or kicking back.

As always, radio isn't just about music. Talk radio and sports radio are popular here in Texas. People use radio to find the latest new song, to stay up-to-date, and to get exposed to new ideas.

According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 88% of adults say traditional AM/FM radio is still important to them, 41% of adults visit advertisers' businesses after hearing an ad, and 28% visit radio advertisers' websites.

Radio is a force-multiplier. When combined with other forms of advertising - like TV, print, or online advertising - it can increase the ROI of those channels by 200-400%.

How can Frink Advertising help you with radio advertising?

With 25+ years in advertising, I’ve learned a thing or two about what kinds of ads work. Human nature hasn’t changed much in a quarter of a century, and radio ads still tap into it, because people still listen to the radio stations they want to listen to. Your task is to put together the radio ad they want to hear.

That's where Frink Advertising comes in. We will research your target demographic, get to understand their emotional grooves, write ads with clear and hard-to-resist calls-to-action, and get time on the stations your customers listen to.

Radio isn't going away, but would-be customers might. Contact me, Bill Frink, to reach and get more customers through radio advertising.

Get started on an producing an Affordable radio spot for my business.

Examples of our Radio Advertising Work

Home Improvement –Young Stone

Restaurant – Lone Star Grill

Restaurant – Buffet Palace

Heating & Air Conditioning – McCullough Heating and Air Conditioning

Jeweler – Marc Robinson

Healthcare – CPAP Pro

Legal – Evans Family Law Group

Dental – Simply Crowns