TV Advertising for Texas Retailers

If you can survive in retail, you're pretty battle-tested as a business owner.  But that doesn't mean your advertising agency is, or that their ads will hold up.

Most advertising agencies produce TV ads that show off their "creative" gimmicks more than what's unique about your products.  The ads may look nice, but they're not based on an understanding of what makes you tick and what makes your business different, because few agencies will take the time to learn that about you.

Frink Advertising helps Texas retailers who want to get into TV advertising, or who want to get more out of TV advertising.  We create and launch TV ads that make rain for retailers here in Texas.  We work with business owners here in Austin, and in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and throughout Texas.  Contact Bill Frink today to discuss your needs.

Here are some of the TV ads that have worked for our retail clients.